Eggbert has volunteered for the first egg-head mission to the Moon. The problem Eggbert faces is that the landing on the Moon’s surface will be very quick, and his space ship will crash. To ensure the success of this mission, your engineering team will need to design a safety restraint device that will withstand the crash.
Your team has a budget of $800.00 to spend on the materials for the design. You must discuss what materials you will purchase, keeping within your budget, and record the items in a spreadsheet. You must also ALL agree on a team design. 
If Eggbert does not survive your first attempt, you may have time to redesign the restraint system. Your goal is to be the team that spends the least amount of money and keeps Eggbert from cracking.

Standards: 3.P.1.3: Explain the effects of earth’s gravity on the motion of any object on or near the earth.


Eggbert Lesson Plan

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