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What You Will See

Our digital learning, engineering & design thinking programs have been successful across the diverse populations within Moore County. When you bring your leadership team for a site visit, you will have the opportunity to observe at least two lessons that utilize the engineering & design thinking process. These observations will be authentic and part of the normal school day. After the observations, your team will participate in reflection & action discussion protocols with the participating teachers, the school principal, the Digital Integration Specialist and selected students if applicable. 

Your Visiting Leadership Team

Leadership teams should consist of staff from Curriculum and Instruction, digital learning, school administration, district administration, and up to two teacher leaders. During the visit, your team will be accompanied by up to two facilitators to help answer any questions that may arise during the visit. Your leadership team should not be larger than ten people. We are able to pay for substitutes for up to two team members per site visit.

Choose Your Site

Moore County is one of the most diverse areas in the state. Read through each school profile and choose your top two choices for the site visit. 


One person should complete the registration for the entire team. If substitutes (up to 2-$90 max) are needed, indicate that on the form. 

Map of all locations currently available for site visits.

After The Site Visit

My advice for other teachers would be, go ahead, jump in head first and try at least one STEM lesson each week. Rise to the challenge and your students will guide you through the learning process. That’s what true learning is. It’s the process - not the product.

-K. Rallings, 1st Grade Teacher

32 year veteran teacher

We are committed to supporting leadership teams across the state. Click on our interactive map to see how teachers are using digital learning, engineering, and design lessons in their classrooms across the state. 

Site Locations

Please Note:  Due to COVID-19, site visits are currently unavailable

Robbins Elementary School

Robbins Elementary School does not shy away from the challenging task of creating critical thinkers with a school population that is widely Hispanic and still learning the English language. It is one of the first two schools in Moore County to use Title I money for a STEM Lab teacher. Since then, it has been a great model for STEM integration in all subject areas at the elementary level. 

Available Site Visit Dates: 

Highfalls Elementary School

Highfalls is considered a small school with a BIG impact. This is especially true in the area of STEM integration. ​From programming robots in K-1 classes to learning primary colors to flying drones to teach ratio and proportions in math, you will see a wide variety of design thinking and digital integration at this school. 

Available Site Visit Dates: 

Aberdeen Primary & Aberdeen Elementary

Aberdeen Primary (K-2) was one of the first two schools in Moore County to use Title I money for a STEM Lab teacher. Aberdeen Elementary (3-5) soon followed for the 2018-2019 SY. You will see standards based, hands-on learning through engineering activities both in the classroom and in the STEM labs.  Your leadership team will get the opportunity to visit both schools when you choose this site visit. 

Available Site Visit Dates: 

Cameron Elementary School

An engaging learning environment that encourages students to become active learners is what you will see at Cameron Elementary School. To further promote active learning, Cameron just received a grant to design and implement a Makerspace. This is Cameron's third year integrating the Engineering Design lessons into the curriculum. 

Available Site Visit Date: 

McDeeds Creek Elementary

Opening in Fall 2019, this is Moore County's newest elementary school. At this eco-designed school you will see two projects rooms and a robotics room available for classes. All classrooms have the newest Cleartouch Interactive Display. Teachers are excited about integrating design thinking and digital integration in the everyday classroom.  

Available Site Visit Date: